The colour fans available for facade and interior design

Colour fan for facades LUCITE ® DESIGN A1

252 colours from the A1-colour formulae were chosen for the new colour fan Lucite® Design A1“ as the basis for a stylish and diverse design in modern architecture, historical facades and commercial objects.

Systematic Colour concept :

  • 8 nuances of white as a basis for design
  • 17 striking colour families
  • 8 harmonious, warm, natural colour ranges
  • 5 grey collections ranging from light grey to deep black

CD-Color product range fan „Inspiration Raum“ (Room inspiration)

The colour fan „Inspiration Raum“ is the colour navigator and creative guide to appealing colour design in modern living areas.

The principle of appealing design:
You choose a basi colour which refers to four alternative striking accent colours. You can then tastefully combine various materials and degrees of gloss in wallpaint, varnishes and wood varnishes.

The principle of the basic colours:
The first part of the colour fan is used to determine the colour which will be used for the main wall surface. 24 colour groups, each with four nuances, make up the basic concept.

The principle of the accent colours:

These colours liven up the design. Single walls, a column or a particular architectural element can be highlighted in this way. The satin-glossy varnish surfaces offer appropriate shades of paint for hand railings, frames, doors, floors and much more.

Be inspired!

CD-Color Range Fan „Inspiration Lack“(Inspiration Varnish)

With the help of our premium varnishes CWS WERTLACK, DELTA Lackcolor und water-based LUCITE® varnishes the colour range fan „Inspiration Lack“ is ideally suited for the creative design of modern varnished surfaces both in the interior and the exterior.

  • 190 RAL colours according to 840HR
  • DB and effect shades of colour
  • Hammer effect shades of colour
  • Company’s own shades of white, Priming colours
  • Degrees of glossiness shown for the finishing coats
  • Overview table showing the „Ready“ colours from CWS WERTLACK and DELTA-Lackcolor

Colour fan „Inspiration Colour“ on NCS basis

The CD-Colour allround colour fan „Inspiration Colour“ based on the NCS system divides the approx. 1000 shades of colour into five colour worlds which, depending on which field of application and the material chosen, simplifies the choice of the shade of colour.

General design:
The colour range „Dynamic“ follows the colour spectrum, intense to pale shades in nuances from light to dark.

Facade design:
The colour range „Akzent“ includes the especially sensitive shades of colour with appropriate contrasts for the „classic“ colour design. The „Natur“ colours include historically muted to greyed shades for listed buildings and half-timbered houses.

Intense Colour Accents
The colour range „Fresh“ groups the intense, striking colours together. This enables the designer to use significant and contrasting effects to create a statement, ranging from a fresh paint design to post-modern facade design.

Living Area Design
The „Harmony“ colour range combines light and pastel shades of colour for living areas.

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