Convincing Safety: the new LUCITE ® professional sealers.

Sealing paint and sealing varnish for the effective isolation of stains on walls and wooden surfaces.

The water-based, odourless isolation paint LUCITE® Iso-Finish especially for use in private, commercial and other odour sensitive areas.

Lots of walls and roofs with soot, nicotine or water stains can be found in private and public areas. Painting over these areas with a normal paint can end in a nasty surprise for the painter because an ordinary interior wall paint has no isolating properties which makes an additional work-step with an extra sealing primer necessary.

CD-Color has developed a new, high-coverage isolating paint with excellent blocking and isolating properties which can be used to prevent such stains as well as lignin discolouration on plasterboard without an additional priming coat.

LUCITE® Iso-Finish can be used both as a priming and finishing coat and is also certified for the renovation of acoustic ceilings and acoustic plasters. The water-based, odourless isolation paint is perfect for use in private, commercial and other odour sensitive areas.

The Blocking and Isolating paint LUCITE® Iso-Finish can be applied either with a brush or a roller, it can also be used by airless spraying. When applied manually it shows an especially smooth, dispersion-like application with high coverage. The isolation paint can, if required, be painted over with a normal dispersion paint after 12 hours and is dry and resilient after 3 days. The dull matt isolating paint has low surface tension, maintains the original surface structure, is abrasion resistant and the colour white is non-yellowing. LUCITE® Iso-Finish can also be coloured in pastel shades according to NCS and all other commercial colour collections using the MixPlus mixing technology.

2in1: effecient renovation and brightening of dark wood surfaces with the new isolation varnish LUCITE ® Isolack Satin. The safe barrier prevents colouring substances contained in the wood from bleeding.

An isolating and sealing coating is necessary when painting over problematic dark woods with a normal water-based varnish. This three-coat-sequence prevents white or pastel shades from darkening. However, the multiple-coat-sequence with long drying periods costs not only time but also money.

CD-Color developed a water-based satin gloss isolating varnish which effectively blocks and isolates the colouring substances contained in the wood in two working steps (without an extra isolating priming coat). This can result in at least 25% material and time saving for the user. The isolating varnish LUCITE® IsoLack Satin is well suited for high-quality isolation coats on wooden surfaces, wood-based materials and old existing coats in the interior and the exterior, such as wooden ceilings, beams, wall covering, interior doors as well as roof eaves and dimensionally stable wooden wall panelling. The material is especially well-suited for renovating types of wood with a high percentage of brown water-soluble contents. These types of wood are for example coniferous woods such as spruce, douglas fir, pine and larch as well as oak and meranti. LUCITE® IsoLack Satin contains a special combination which prevents the bleeding of substances contained in the wood and blocks nicotine, coffee and soot stains as well as preventing soiling by permanent marker and ballpoint pens.

LUCITE® IsoLack Satin can be applied with a brush, roller or spray-gun. This isolating varnish is characterised by high coverage, good adhesion and stability, safe coverage of edges, a very good flow and a very good performance for professional paint workmanship. Working over-head is also no problem thanks to the drip-free consistency of the varnish. The first coating is no longer sticky after only six hours so that the second coating can follow quickly. The wood isolating varnish is easy to clean, robust, resistant against soiling and the colour white is non-yellowing. The water-based formula releases, with a minimal VOC content, around 50 times less harmfull substances than a solvent-based isolation paint. Furthermore, LUCITE® IsoLack Satin is saliva and sweat resistant and according to DIN 71-3 suitable for coating children’s toys.


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