Professional and safe for smooth walls subject to light reflexions:

Wallpaint LUCITE® Inside Silicon

Smooth surfaces such as fine plaster surfaces or plasterboards are being used more frequently in modern interiors. Very often the customer wants fibre wallpaper without any structure or very finely structured fibre wallpaper. Painting these smooth surfaces confronts the user with a challenge, especially with walls subject to light reflexions and on ceilings.

CD-Color has developed a silicone-resin based wall paint for use especially on inside walls subject to light reflexions. LUCITE® Inside Silicon Due to its professional application characteristics, the good flow and long pot-life it enables a homogeneous, highly covering finish even on large and extremely smooth walls and ceilings. The one-coat dispersion paint also offers distinct advantages when coating stucco elements and other types of moulding where a dull matt, chalky-white finish is required. This paint, a solvent-free and in accordance with the test certificate of the TÜV Essen for indoor air-hygiene, harmless product, LUCITE® Inside Silicon can be used in sensitive objects such as hospitals, schools and nurseries as well as in any other areas where a high standard is required as far as odour and low-emmission in coating materials are concerned and where light reflexions cause unfavourable light conditions.

The proven premium paint for walls subject to light reflexions.

At last, safety for walls subject to unfavourable light reflexions: thanks to the silicone-hybrid-system of LUCITE® Inside Silicon it is possible to apply the paint without leaving lap-marks. A perfect finish can be achieved even on surfaces subject to light reflexions due to an even, lap-mark free application.
Good repair capability as well as high covering capacities and the best wet abrasion class 1 complete the strong and safe package.


Carsten Schmitz

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