LUCITE® - My Brand. My Success!

LUCITE® - My Brand. My Success!

LUCITE® is the non-plus ultra in water-based coating systems. Both the professional users and the clients are enthusiastic about the high-performance product solutions for surface design and protection. LUCITE® products are easy to apply even on problematic surfaces. LUCITE® is always one step ahead thanks to its environmental-friendly and efficient application. The final results on facades, construction elements and the interior design are very pleasing and excel with their enhancement.

Facade Paints

Protection and Design for Individual Facades.
LUCITE® offers modern facade systems with which every exterior surface can be colourfully designed and effectively protected.

Interior Wall Paints

The wall paint programm for the highest comfort of living.
The high-quality LUCITE® interior wall paint range of products includes modern dispersion paints which offer the perfect solution for various standards.


Water-based Hybrid Varnishes.
The LUCITE® hybrid system combines the positive characteristics of solvent-based systems with those of water-based systems.


LUCITE® is not only the proven LUCITE® House-Paint but also a complete coating programm. It includes facade protection, the interior wall paint programm as well as water-based hybrid varnishes.


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Here is an excerpt of our reference projects.


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